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Data Charts


I print these out for each of my students, front and back, for them to be able to chart their progress. Reflection is something that I believe to be a vital part in my student's growth as learners. 

We discuss what a reasonable goal is and how to reflect on their progress... Did they use strategies? Did they think carefully before they chose an answer? Were they well rested and thinking clearly? Did they give their best effort? Etc.

School Supply Labels


School supplies are like candy for me! When my mom (who's amazing!) donates extra school supplies to my kiddos each year, I need somewhere to put them.

I chose to organize all of my essential supplies using the tote trays in my closet and needed labels for them, of course!

I printed these on card stock, cut & laminated them. I used glue dots (found here) and stuck them to each tote. 

Use them how you wish! I've also provided a few blank labels so that you're able to create your own.

Thankful Thursday


Ever since I started teaching, I started writing notes to my students to tell them why I'm thankful for them.

My students and coworkers love receiving the notes almost as much as I enjoy writing them.

Super Sweet Day


I love using these as a sweet surprise to simply brighten someones day!